Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Countdown to Halloween 2015 - Day 7

Welcome to Countdown to Halloween 2015
Day 7 
Last year I made my own countdown to Halloween (pictured above) and each day has a Halloween related activity to do on that day. With that said, each day during my favorite month, October, I will share with you the Halloween related activity for the day. Some days I will have more than one post, so come back often.
Today's Halloween activity for Day 7 is

Make Tombstones
For Graveyard

Over the years we have made our own tombstones for our little graveyard. They are surprisingly easy and inexpensive.
Here is a fantastic tutorial that I found

You can make your tombstones as simple or as elaborate as you want, it is up to you. Ok, so I know not everyone puts a graveyard in the front yard for Halloween so this can be an exception to the regular activity for the day, but it is worth a try if you have never made one before. Also, if you are working on a craft project, making tombstones for it would be acceptable. I will be making tombstones for my craft project that I started over the weekend and they will be made of cardstock. So, no mater how you choose to make your tombstones there is no right or wrong, just simply have fun doing it.

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