Monday, October 26, 2015

Countdown to Halloween 2015 - Day 23 - 26

Welcome to Countdown to Halloween 2015
Day 23 - 26 
Last year I made my own countdown to Halloween (pictured above) and each day has a Halloween related activity to do on that day. With that said, each day during my favorite month, October, I will share with you the Halloween related activity for the day. Some days I will have more than one post, so come back often.
The Halloween activities for
Day 23 - 26 

Day 23
Watch "The Monster Squad"

This is a movie from my childhood that I absolutely loved and introduced it to my daughters last year. My youngest loved it but my oldest really didn't seem interested in it...oh well, to each her own.

Day 24
Have a Halloween Party

Now this activity is obviously something that would have to be planned for whatever day that is convenient for your family so this day might be on a different day.

Day 25
Wear Orange

Day 26
"The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Need I say anything about this movie. It is a definite for Halloween and Christmas. Jack Skellington is one of the best Halloween characters ever created.

So sorry I missed so many days but family comes first. I will try to finish out the countdown without any more hiccups...hopefully. Thank you for your patience.

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