Monday, October 19, 2015

Countdown to Halloween 2015 - Day 19

Welcome to Countdown to Halloween 2015
Day 19 
Last year I made my own countdown to Halloween (pictured above) and each day has a Halloween related activity to do on that day. With that said, each day during my favorite month, October, I will share with you the Halloween related activity for the day. Some days I will have more than one post, so come back often.
Today's Halloween activity for Day 19 is

Make "You've Been Boo'ed"
Treat Holders

There are a variety of ways to make "You've Been Boo'ed" Treat Holders. I love Pinterest and they have many different types of "You've Been Boo'ed" ideas. You can also just use Google that works just as well. It really is just a nice neighborhood idea to spread Halloween cheer. So go out there and Boo someone!

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