Friday, November 8, 2013

Please join us Under the Sea invitation

The project I have here today is an invitation for my little girl's 4th Birthday party...the theme, of course, is Little Mermaid.  Luckily a few months back I was able to purchase the Dreams Come True and Happily Ever After Cricut cartridges from for only $22.49 each!!! I know I got a major deal and when I saw it I knew I had to jump on it and I am so glad now that I did.  Not only is my little girl having a Little Mermaid birthday party she dressed up as Ariel for Halloween, so I will be getting good use of the cartridge. Plus she is much more interested in the Disney princesses than my older daughter ever was.

The invitation measures 8.5 x 5.5...I knew I was going to have to make it big because of all the little cuts for Ariel and I was right. I couldn't even use the parts to the eyes or lips...I had to use makers and pens to color them in, and that was even cutting her out at 4.25 inches. I still think she turned out beautiful though.

I used Martha Stewart glitter for Ariel's tail and a Martha Stewart corner punch from the Deco Fan punch around set for the information part of the invitation. Lastly I used Studio G foam dots behind Ariel to give the invitation some dimension.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Simple Baby Shower card

Here is just a simple baby shower card I made using the Wrap It Up Cricut cartridge card feature of the onesie. I cut the card at 5 1/4 out of the purple cardstock so that it would fit in a 5 1/2 square envelop. I then cut the inside circles from the flower pattern paper and lavender cardstock. I adhered them to the card. I used a white gel pen to just dot the outside of the card. I then stamped the inside sentiment from  My Craft Spot - Clear Stamps - Inside & Out - set #2. Lastly I tied a white ribbon around the fold in the card.
Here's a look at the inside:

This was a super simple and really quick baby shower card.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Evil Fairy Wand

Tonight I bring to you what ended up being a family project, my daughter's Evil Fairy Wand.  My oldest daughter is dressing up as an Evil Fairy for Halloween this year and every fairy has to have a wand. Well since she is an Evil Fairy her wand needed to represent that too.

The scull is Styrofoam and I bought it last year on clearance at Walmart, in fact I bought 2 with no idea in mind as to what I was going to do with them. My mom found this fantastic lower arm with a hand attached to it and a bag of (plastic) bones, I believe 50% off at Savers. My oldest daughter had the gems in her craft stash. I had the tulle and ribbon in my stash.

So it went like this: my husband attached a bone from the bag of bones to the lower arm and attached the scull to the hand. He used hot glue and floral wire, then some craft paint to make it all look cohesive. Then we chose the gems for the scull and glued them into place. Lastly I made a head band for the scull with the tulle and ribbon.

Here is a close up:

Here's the can see the scull resting on the hand:

It now rests by the front door until Halloween night, when my Evil Fairy can take flight.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy Halloween 3-D Witches Hat Decor

Halloween is my favorite holiday, unfortunately my creative juices just haven't been flowing. Lots of family and health stuff weighing heavy on me. I did muster up some juice with my 3 year old daughter to create this 3-D Witches Hat Décor.

I used  the leftover half of the paper mache hat from last years Witches Wreath. First we painted it with Neon Green craft paint and before it dried we sprinkled on some Martha Stewart Peridot Glitter. I then adhered the webbed ribbon around the hat and then hot glued the feathers and green spider. I also adhered some black tulle to the bottom of the hat. Finally I found the perfect Halloween paper to be the background for my hat and attached the hat to it. Lastly I just popped it in a shadow box display but without the glass and tada!

Here is a view from the side:

I am very happy with the way it turned out and my daughter was super excited that we made it her favorite!

Plus, it looks good with the green I already have in my kitchen.

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Send in the Clowns...Happy 1st Birthday Matthew!

Today I am sharing with you a little shape card, cupcakes and smash cake I made for a very special little boy who just turned 1. Matthew turned 1 over the weekend and his mom is a former co-worker of my mom's and is now a good friend of mine. She had asked me to make cupcakes for her son's 1st birthday and I was a little unsure at first but decided it would be fun and took on the challenge. I searched pinterest for ideas and came across these adorable cupcakes decorated like clowns with a pointy hat and some others that had cotton candy for hair. I decided I would combine the two, unfortunately I did not expect to have the issues that came up and I ran out of time, so the cotton candy hair did not happen. This is how they turned out though:

This is the smash cake I made for Matthew.

Here is another look at the card I made too:

I used these items to create my card (all of which were apart of my stash, nothing new):
  • Wrap it Up Cricut cartridge - the shape card
  • red, blue, white cardstock
  • red sparkle rick rack - edge of hat
  • White glitter pom - top of hat
  • blue glitter flock - hair
  • Stickles - eyes
  • Glossy Accents - nose and mouth
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So that is it for now I hope you liked my little card and baked goods, I enjoyed making them.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Zombie Parts - HDH #175 - Halloween in your Face

Well it is getting closer that time of year again, my favorite holiday, Halloween. So of course when I saw the challenge over at Haunted Design House - Halloween in your Face, you are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween based art piece to start celebrating for the upcoming holiday, I knew I would be participating. A couple of weeks ago I had acquired some dollar store treasures: a plastic foot and hand and I knew that I could improve their appearance.

I first started with a base coat of gray spray paint. I then decided it needed a more fleshy look, so I took some gauze and just started pulling it in every direction and covering the foot. I then sprayed it again with red, white and black spray paint. Lastly I hand painted the bones and toe nails with craft paint. I repeated all of this for the hand as well.

I am entering my Zombie Parts in the following challenge:
I had to add just one more photo. Does it resemble a very popular horror movie?

Pretty get the idea though.

I had a blast making my new Zombie Parts for this Halloween...who knows where they will end up but know for sure they will be out for all to see on Halloween night.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Spike - HDH #174 Macabre Monday - Nailed It!

Well it has been a very long time since I created anything. The Summer months have been extremely hot in Arizona and just cleaning the house really takes all of the energy out of me, not to mention that my craft area is in my kitchen which gets the full setting sun in the afternoon and evening. So since we have been finally getting some rain and lower temps I was able to get a project done.

Meet Spike. He is a Goth Zombie Baby, well just a baby head! A couple of months ago while at the local Savers my oldest daughter found 2 baby doll heads for just .99 cents each. We are always on the lookout for items that can be repurposed and/or created into art. With the most recent challenge over at Haunted Design House titled Nailed It! I knew that I wanted to use one of my baby doll heads for it. I also knew right off the bat I didn't want to do the well know and well loved row of nails down the middle of the head because of fear that everyone would do it. So then the idea came to me, a Goth Baby and I thought the neck was the perfect place for a spiked collar. From that point on more ideas like the nail ear ring and the lip ring came to life.

But since I like a little gore this had to be a zombie baby and I had to create the bite mark, which you can see is right on the head.

I'm surprised I actually got this done because it seemed like everything I tried was screwed up, my spray paint was clogged, I dropped the head after painting it, and the nails were too small so they didn't stay where I wanted them to go. This was a project full of compromise but I am happy with the final outcome!

I used these items to create Spike:
  • baby doll head
  • White spray paint
  • Black, gray, brown, yellow and pink craft paint
  • Fake blood
  • Glossy accents - eyes
  • Part of my daughters old belt - collar
  • Nails - collar and ear ring
  • Silver paint marker - nails in collar
  • Chain ring - lip ring
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Thank you for stopping by and checking out my Spike hope you enjoyed him.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Altered Composition - Hocus Pocus inspired - Spell Book with Hangman

I am super excited to bring to you today my Hocus Pocus inspired Spell Book with Hangman page saver. I've been wanting to create this for a very long time. I recently found an amazing designer,  Dave Lowe, and I have started following his blog. He creates so many different and interesting things, especially inexpensive things. I took his Old Creepy Books design and interpreted it to suit my Spell Book.

I covered the entire book with the watered down clear glue and crinkled paper towels all over it. Let it dry over night.

I painted the entire book with the blush craft paint and then brown craft paint.

I then marked the suede paper with red and brown sharpie markers, cut the suede paper, and then stitched the paper with the hemp cord. I glued the Styrofoam ball to the book. Covered the front of the book with watered down clear glue and began to lay the suede paper down. Let that dry. Then I applied some watered down brown and blush craft paint. I then attached the eye lash.

Finally I added my Hangman page saver. I did actually watch a YouTube video to create my noose around my hangman and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was...scary! I am so please with the way this project turned out and I hope you like it too!

This is what he looks like saving my page:

I will be using this "Spell Book" as a sketch book for future ideas.

I used these items to create my Spell Book:
  • Composition Book (unused from my daughter's last school year)
  • Paper towels
  • Clear glue (watered down)
  • Sponge brush
  • Suede looking pattern paper (to look like skin)
  • Brown and Blush craft paint (watered down)
  • Red and brown Sharpie markers (cut skin)
  • Hemp Cord (stitches)
  • Styrofoam ball (cut to create eye lid)
  • fake eye lash
  • Jute twine (hangman's noose)
  • Plastic skeleton (Halloween decoration)
I am entering my Hocus Pocus inspired Spell Book with Hangman page saver in the following challenge at Haunted Design House - HDH #168 - Hangman's Handiwork.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just a Lonely Zombie

It has been over a month since I created anything, mainly because I was going through radiation for the breast cancer I had. Now that it is over and my everyday isn't being interrupted by having to go to radiation I feel I have the time and the frame of mind to be creative again!

So for my 1st project since being done with radiation I created this card for Halloween. I know, your thinking Halloween in May? Yes, I'm always thinking ahead to the next Halloween. While browsing through some of the blogs I follow I came across Airless Chambers which is another Rick St. Dennis (who has amazing digital stamps) blog. They were offering a FREE Singing Zombie digital stamp, plus a challenge to use that digital stamp in the currant challenge. I jumped on it and started on my creation.

I first started looking at some images of The Walking Dead zombies to determine how I wanted to color my zombie. Then since this is suppose to be a singing zombie I decided to search the Internet for songs about zombies and came across a couple I liked. I decided to use "The Zombie Song" as my muse. Then I just started pulling out things from my stash to finalize my card.

I used these items to create my card:
  • Singing Zombie FREE digital stamp
  • sponged white, brown and green ink on the zombie
  • Sharpie markers - hair, eyes, mouth, exposed body parts and background
  • red pen - blood shot part of the eyes
  • Glossy Accents - eyes, mouth and exposed body parts
  • Design Studio - weld ZOMBIE
  • Alphalicious Cricut cartridge - font
  • Brain from Creepy Glowbugg which I attached it to a skewer (painted silver) to look like a microphone
  • misc. ribbon
  • Studio 112 adhesive gems

On the inside I used these items:
  • computer generated sentiment
  • Martha Stewart Goo edge punch

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Peeps on a Stick Easter Basket

Me and my family were invited to a friends house for an Easter Eve celebration and flashlight Easter egg hunt. I knew for about 2 weeks I wanted to create a little something for the kids and our host and the Peeps on a Stick Easter Basket is what I created.

I used these items to create my Peeps on a Stick Easter Basket:
  • White basket with liner from Micheal's
  • little egg picks (which I had in my stash for many many years) that I attached to the sides of the basket
  • Styrofoam for the inside of the basket
  • wooden skewers
  • Peeps in assorted colors
  • Clear plastic bags with twist ties
  • Plastic eggs just for added decoration
I assembled my basket first. Then with the help of my oldest daughter Kaitlyn, we assembled the Peeps on a Stick. We finished them off by covering them with the clear plastic bags and placing them in the basket. I added the plastic eggs just for added color and decoration.

This project was so easy and fun. I do recommend having a helper though, one person to skewer and one person to bag. The Peeps on a Stick Easter Basket was a hit with the kids and the host. Plus, something like this cost a lot less to make than to buy...I saw just the Peeps on a Stick in the store selling for $3.00 each and the chicks were a lot smaller. I ended up making 14 sticks which cost me approximately $8.00 for the Peeps, $2.00 for the skewers, and $2.00 for the clear plastic bags...for a total cost of $12.00 for 14 sticks. Had I bought them it would have been $42.00 and this is just for the sticks. Plus, I had leftover Peeps to make additional Peep Sticks if I wanted to.  Definitely worth the money, time and effort to make this instead of buying.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my Peeps on a Stick Easter Basket, I hope you liked it.

I will be entering this in the challenge at Decorate to Celebrate Challenge #47 - Easter

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Decaying Zombie Head

I am super uber excited to bring to you my Decaying Zombie Head. I have been thinking about this all week long and I am so glad I did it.

This all started with your traditional styrofoam wig head, which I actually had on hand because it was holding and still is holding my wig. I got the wig and wig head months ago when I was getting treated for breast cancer from The American Cancer Society for FREE. Now that I am done with my chemotherapy and my hair is growing back I am using my wig less often. BTW...I AM CANCER FREE!!! I got the news this past Thursday, but I still have 6 weeks of radiation which I start this week.

Anyhow back to my decaying zombie head. I looked all over the internet for techniques and just decided to do what I felt was capable of doing. I cut off and carved out the nose, then the eyes, then chopped off the chin and lower jaw, and then began just carving out wounds and such all over the face. Then I applied some batting with some spray adhesive. After letting that dry for a while I hot glued the teeth (which I had from last years zombie make-up kit) into the mouth. Now it was time to give this zombie some color. I spray painted the entire head with gray spray paint (which I also had on hand from making tombstones  years ago). I then applied brown, red, black and light blue craft paint. I had a bit of trouble with what to do with the eyes, nothing seemed to work and I still am not totally thrilled with it but for the most part I am happy with everything else. I then had to add some blood, fake blood from my Halloween stash. I finally added the wig to finish it off.  I love the way she turned out and plan to do more, many more!

Here is a couple of side views:

I will be entering my Decaying Zombie Head in the Haunted Design House Challenge #162 - Drop Dead Gorgeous

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my Decaying Zombie Head, I hope you liked her.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Camouflage Onesie Shape card

Last month one of my nieces had an emergency C-section and gave birth to a baby boy 11 weeks early. Baby is currantly still in the NICU but progressing very well and Mom is recovering very well also.  I knew about 2 months ago or so that the baby's bedding was going to be camouflage so I knew that when the time came I was going to use that for whatever creation I was going to make. Since the baby came early I have only been able to make a card and this is it. I totally love the way it turned out and can't wait to get involved in more baby projects using the camouflage. This is only the beginning.

Here you can see where I welded the onesie together in the Design Studio:

Here is just a close up of the inside where I did some faux stitching and stamped my sentiment:

I used these items to create my Camouflage Onesie Shape card:
  • Design Studio - to weld the onesie together
  • New Arrival Cricut cartridge - onesie
  • Pooh Font Cricut cartridge - "100 % Boy"
  • buttons
  • My Craft Spot Clear Stamps - In and Out - Set #2 - the inside sentiment
  • Baby wooden stamp - on the inside
  • green gel pen - faux stitching - on the inside
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This was such a fun and easy card to make. Thank you for stopping by and checking out my Camouflauge Onesie Shape card.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Rainbow Birthday card

Today I give you my Rainbow Birthday card. A friend of mine's daughter is turning 2 this weekend and she had requested that I do a card for her like I had done for her son when he was born (SEEN HERE). Also she wanted me to incorporate her daughter's new toddler bedding SEEN HERE! I think I captured what she wanted...I am so happy with the way it turned out. What do you think?

Here you can see the dimension:
Here is the inside:

I used these items to create this Rainbow Birthday card:
  • Create a Critter 2 Cricut cartridge - rainbow and clouds
  • Celebrations Cricut cartridge - orange flower
  • Accent Essentials Cricut cartridge - pink flower
  • Pooh Font Cricut cartridge - Rosannah and 2 (on inside)
  • teal blue pen - faux stitching on pink flower
  • Stickles - clouds
  • buttons - on flowers
  • Recollections foam squares
  • My Craft Spot - Clear Stamps - sentiment on the inside of card

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Thank you for stopping by and checking out my Rainbow Birthday card, I hope you liked it!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Yes you read it right, I am officially CANCER FREE!!! I was diagnosed with Stage 2a breast cancer June 29, 2012. August 7, 2012 I had a lumpectomy, which they also took 2 lymphnodes that turned out to be positive. 2 weeks later I had 8 more lymphnodes removed, which turned out to be negative (thank God). September 17, 2012 I began chemotherapy. I finished my chemo February 21, 2013. Next week I begin radiation, which will be 5 days a week for 6 weeks.

When they talk about this being a journey they are absolutely right. I only gave you a modified version of my journey. When I get more time I will give you the full story but today I just wanted to share my GREAT NEWS!!!


Friday, March 1, 2013

HOWL Happy Birthday - Twilight inspired birthday card

 So my oldest daughter is turning 11 next week and the theme for her party is from the Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn part 1, plus she loves Taylor Lautner aka Jacob Black. And just a couple of weeks ago she handed out Twilight - Eclipse Valentines in school. I purposely bought 2 packages @ .99 each from Party City because I knew there wouldn't be enough boy appropriate valentines in 1 package, plus it came with stickers that I knew I would be able to use for other projects. That brings us here to my card.

I used these items (all on hand) to create my HOWL Happy Birthday card:
  • A Frightful Affair Cricut cartridge - HOWL
  • Fabulous Finds Cricut cartridge - heart luggage tag
  • DCWV Immortal Love - paper
  • Black and red cardstock
  • Repurposed unused extra Valentine - Taylor Lautner aka Jacob Black
  • Jacob heart stickers - on heart luggage tag and on the inside of card
  • ribbon
  • Red stickle - claw marks in the HOWL
  • Glossy Accents - HOWL
  • My Craft Spot clear stamps - Inside & Out - set 2 - Happy Birthday (front) and sentinment (inside)
  • Black ink
  • Black brad - heart luggage tag
  • Pop dots - under Jacob, HOWL and heart luggage tag
 Here you can see how everything is popped up with pop dots:

Here is the inside:

I am entering my HOWL Happy Birthday card in the following challenges:

This was such a fun card to make and I know my daughter is going to love it! Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my HOWL Happy Birthday card.