Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Countdown to Halloween 2015 - Day 6

Welcome to Countdown to Halloween 2015
Day 6
Last year I made my own countdown to Halloween and each day has a Halloween related activity to do on that day. With that said, each day during my favorite month, October, I will share with you the Halloween related activity for the day. Some days I will have more than one post, so come back often.
Today's Halloween activity for Day 6 is
Listen to Halloween Music
Now I have already been listening to Halloween music. It is tradition to play Halloween music while decorating and we started that days ago. So of course we have quite a few Halloween CDs in our house, but if you don't, you can listen to Halloween music right from your computer. Just go to Halloween Radio. They play Halloween music all year long!
Just another fabulous way to get into the Halloween spirit.
Enjoy the music and have fun!

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