Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween at my House - HDH113 - Heinously Haunted Houses

I just wanted to share my Heinously Haunted House.  I think we try to do creepy outside and cute inside.

This poor guy became victim to the giant spider that lives above our garage.  At night we have a green spot light shining on him!

This is the creepy spider fence my husband made a couple of years ago.  The spider bodies light up red in the evening.

As you walk up to the house you are greeted by our cute little almost 2 year old daughter Jaidyn aka Cute Little Spider just happened to be next to the ghost when I took the picture on Halloween night.  They look so cute togther!!!
Then next to the side walk is the graveyard.  My husband made all of the gravestones and the one gravestone you are looking at reads,"Here Lies the Body of John Blake He Stepped on the Gas Instead of the Break."  Then of course you see the foot and leg sticking out of the ground to compliment the gravestone.

Now this guy is literally coming out of the grave.  He is just an upper half of a body and came with a spinner to hang but we decided he would look a lot creepier if he looked like he was coming out of a grave.  My husband also put a green light under him and it looked really cool! 
This is the graveyard watcher, he watches over all of the victims and is hanging right at our literally have to move him to ring the doorbell. 
Here is a close up look at the wreath I made a couple of years ago hanging beside the graveyard watcher.
This is our cute little dog greeter dressed up as a ghost...a costume I made from an old bedsheet.  He stands next to the witches culdron, you might recognize it from my appalling has made its way outside.  Unfortunately one of the wicked witches isn't going to make it, she is melting!!!

Here's a few pictures of what my house looked like Halloween night with the lights glowing and fog flowing:

That last picture doesn't even come close to expressing the feeling of what it actually looked like but you get the idea.  I'm also not sure but can you see the little orbs floating around...ghosts maybe?
We also made these outdoor decorations a couple of years ago but some vandals destroyed them...see the before and after pictures:

Hangman Before:
Hangman After:
Witch Before:

Witch they stole the culdron:

We didn't decorate or give out candy for 2 was heartbreaking to have something like that happen.  Not only did it break our hearts but it scared our daughter, who at the time was 6 years old.

Enough depressing here is the inside decorations:

I made this wreath of witches a couple of years ago.
Here are the picture frames that I have made throughout the years and of course the newest addition Here Lies Bride Frame that I made this year.

Here are my Halloween'll probably notice some pieces that came from my Appalling Apothecary such as the ogre eyes,  the shrunken sculls from Scandinavia, and the tiny hands of munchkins.  I also added some witches fingers and some skeletons I had leftover from some empty coffins that displayed the inner workings of a coffin.

Now here are my girls, Kaitlyn and Jaidyn, carving pumpkins:

Thank you so much if you made this far.  I plan to share some pics of the girls from Halloween but for now I hope you enjoyed viewing my Heinously Haunted House and hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!!!

I am entering this post in the HDH #113 Heinously Haunted Houses challenge.


  1. OH WOW! Your decorations are AMAZING! Super fun and spooky! Thanks for sharing it with the Minions on HDH. xxD

  2. Wow you decorations were fabulous! You really go all out for Halloween. Fantastic. Cute little treaters as well.
    Come on over to my blog and enter my giveaway.

  3. Wow talk about ten out of ten for effort and well worth it, superb xx


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