Friday, October 7, 2011

For All You Zombie'll get a kick out of this!

Over at Buy they had this under the Zombie costumes...I thought it was too funny and had to share.

Zombie Costumes

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, has provided you with a comprehensive survival guide to keep you from being left 4 dead…or undead, if you will.
Whether you’ve encountered an old-fashioned voodoo-gone-wild zombie, or a modern virus-infused zombie, one thing is for certain: You want to turn Mr. Tall, Dark and Living Dead into Mr. For real, No questions about it, dead-dead. The only way to do this is to destroy its brain. Machete or machine gun, you’ll find that everyone puts their own swagger on the zombie-killing business.
The crazies come in all shapes and sizes. First you have your slow, shambling types (“Easy Kills”, as we like to call them). Comprised mostly of those aforementioned voodoo zombies, the majority of their effectiveness comes from the shock-and-awe factor. They don’t move much faster than molasses in Wisconsin winter, but they can frighten people into submission. But not you. With the help of, you’re a zombie-hunting machine!
Next up are the rabid virus zombies. These reanimated corpses are fast and dangerous! There’s no shuffling along Main Street for these guys. They stalk their prey, have super-charged cardiovascular systems (you better limber up!), and always seem to pop out of nowhere when the plot is running a little thin. Definitely not a novice zombie kill, you may have to settle for a shot-out knee cap in order to make your escape.
The good news is that for now, we’re safe. Present-day zombies are generally cubicle-bound and pose no threat outside of meaningless post-it note office pranks. But for those brave souls that dare to laugh in the face of the seemingly inevitable Z-DAY, you’ve come to the right place. An almost endless selection of zombie costumes and accessories, for both kids and adults, is not more than a click away! hosts a thrilling inventory of zombie costumes for events like zombie pub crawls, zombie walks and even the spontaneous, decaying-in-action Zombie Flash Mob!
Are you a bit more unique than your tattered counterparts? There is a zombie costume for everyone! Grab a Mohawk wig, some studded accessories and Voila! London’s calling the punk rock zombie. Something old, something decayed, something dead, something frayed – zombie brides always get their groom of gloom. Want an excuse to wield a knife? Lab coats, stethoscopes and surgical masks – has just what the Zombie doctor ordered!
Don’t let your night of the living dead become a thriller! has zombie costumes and accessories to help you blend in. The zombies are coming. Are you prepared?

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