Sunday, September 25, 2011

HDH107 Appalling Apothecary

I actually put this together TODAY!!!  I've been thinking about it all week.  Believe it or not but I had everything you see here at my house!!!  I am such a HUGE fan of Halloween and ALL things Halloween so something like this I knew I could create without any trouble...the hardest part was trying to keep my 22 month old away from it long enough to take pictures!  I have so many goodies here.

Starting with the top I have my Witches Brew...I think the sculls give it flavor! 

The first shelf I have (from left to right) a jar of severed fingers, witches foundation, a jar of baby monkey brains, and some flesh of a zombie.

The second shelf I have some green ghost goo and a jar of ogre eyes. 

The next shelf I have a jar of unearthed earth worms (and it looks like some are escaping), green goblin parfume and some shrunken sculls from Scandinavia.

The following shelf I have the tiny hands of munchkins and the heart of a (former) sinful boyfriend.

Lastly, on the bottom I have the set of werewolf paws that were collected from the werewolf of London!!! 

I know quite a collection of goodies.  I hope you enjoy them...I sure do! 
This is being entered in the HDH 107 Appalling Apothecary at Haunted Design House

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  1. This is BRILLIANT!!! LOVE every bit of it! So much effort to compile all of those wicked ingredients and jars and staging! Oh my! What liquid did you use for the ogre eyes? Tea? It looks awesome!!!
    Thanks so much for playing along with us this week for Macabre Monday. You rocked this one!


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