Sunday, May 3, 2015

Haunted Design House - Going Green Challenge


Today I bring to you a project that was extremely time consuming but I think very worth it. Here is my Mandrake. Don't know what a Mandrake is? Well according to Harry Potter WIKIA a Mandrake, also known as Mandragora, is a plant which has a root that looks like a human (like a baby when the plant is young, but maturing as the plant grows). When mature, its cry can be fatal to any person who hears it. I think having a Mandrake around will be quite useful to any witch or wizard. Apparently, their leaves can be used in Potions and the Mandrake, forms an essential part of most antidotes.

I  was inspired to make my Mandrake because of  the challenge over at Haunted Design House. The challenge is titled Going Green. You can interpret that in many ways. You can use the color green, up-cycle, or re-cycle something. I choose to give new life to a thrift store, it includes something green.

I first began to glue Styrofoam peanuts to the body to build up some bulk. I then wrapped the limbs and body with some stretched out 4x4 gauze. Then I inserted 2 faux flower bushels (minus the flowers) to create the leaf tops.

I then drizzled hot glue all over the face. Once the glue was dried I decided to wrap the faux flower bushels ends with yarn. Later I also wrapped the hands and feet with that same gives a root look. I then painted the entire doll with black spray paint and let that dry over night. I hot glued raffia to the hands and feet. I then brushed over the entire doll with a tan acrylic paint. I thought it was too light and needed a more orange/brown added to it. I mixed together orange, gold, and brown acrylic paints and watered them down and washed it all over the doll. I let him dry and put him in a flower pot...Done!

It was a lengthy process but I am so thrilled with the way my Mandrake turned out. I hope you like him too!

I am entering my Mandrake in the following challenge:
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Mandrake!


  1. Oh my freakin' GOD! Carol, you've outdone yourself! I can't even tell you how cool I think this is. Totally amazing upcycling! I honestly can't get over this. Love, love, LOVE! Thanks so much for joining us in the dungeon at HDH. xxD

  2. Brilliant Carol, Love this, these guys were one of my faves from Harry Potter x thanks for joining us at hdh x

  3. awesome project Carol. So inventive. Love it. Thank you for sharing with us at HDH this month

  4. I have always wanted to make a mandrake or something similar. I even have the leaves saved. This is beyond inspiring!! So cool! Great use of a baby doll who had seen better days. Thank you so much for sharing this work of art with us in the dungeon!

  5. Very cool project. Love how you did it. Thanks for sharing with us at Haunted Design House. :)


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