Thursday, February 2, 2012

If I couldn't have him, NO ONE WOULD!!!

For those of you have been following me might remember back in September I had displayed my Appalling Apothecary.  Well a piece of that apothecary was the heart of a (former) sinful boyfriend (in the jar to the right). 
Today I give you a little back story how that heart got there. 

My relationship with my former boyfriend was just like any other relationship, except I was in love with him but he was in love with someone else.  Once I found out about this, I felt that since I couldn't have him, NO ONE WOULD and I "took care of him!"

Here is how my memory box use to look like when were together:
Valentine's Day use to be a favorite holiday of ours until I found out that he was also planning to spend it with the other woman.  So I decided that Valentine's Day would be the perfect day for me to "take care of him!" 

I found a voodoo priestess and she instructed me how to make my very own paper voodoo doll.

Then when I knew he was with her, I did it!  I then claimed the heart that belonged to me and would NEVER belong to another! 

This was his hearts first resting place along side the wonderful memories we created together:

Now NO ONE will ever have his heart but ME!!!

I used these items to create my paper voodoo doll:
  • Wonderstrange arts Free digital image Voodoo Doll which I printed out on craft paper (to give it a burlap look) and altered by cutting off the candy cane
  • red Sharpie marker - for the heart
  • Silver Gloss paint marker - for the pins
  • white gel pen - for the heads of the pins
  • Glossy Accents - for the entire pin to give it a more realistic look
  • buttons - for the eyes
  • floss - for the eyes, mouth and around the heart
  • doily heart
  • ribbon
I am entering this Paper Voodoo Doll in the following challenges:
Ok, so obviously this is just a fictious story that I created to go along with my creation.  I hope I didn't freak you out too much!


  1. Hmmmm....someone went a little kooky now didn't they?
    Nice to see you have tapped into your incredibly dark and sadistic side Carol.
    Very nice...
    Thanks for joining in on the fun this week at HDH!

  2. Bwaahahaha - great stuff Carol - keep taking the tablets :-D Thank you for joining us for Macabre Monday at HDH and I hope you feel better soon :-D LoL xxx

  3. Haha you are a crack up! Love it xx

  4. WooHoo! Way to go! LOVE your story and the fab project. Thanks for joining us for MM AND Dilly Beans this week. xxD

  5. Oh. my. gosh. This is WAY COOL! Love your backstory :)

  6. I am so sorry Carol that i'm late commenting...i thought i'd been... i love this wickedly macabre creation.... gorgeous work. Thank you so much for joining us at HDH.... i shall try harder next time!

  7. Ohh I love your story. Big evil grin from one ear to the other from me.
    Your voodoo doll looks so innocent and cute.

  8. What a great story and the before and after pics of the Memory Box is so cool. Great Job. Thanks for joining us this week at Dilly Beans. I can't wait to see what you do next.


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