Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm a Gruesome Twosome!!!!

I was named one of the Gruesome Twosomes over at Haunted Design House for my Frightfully Delightful - Queen of the Damned card.  I'm so excited!!!  The creative juices have been in over-drive and I am loving it!!!  I'm so glad others have also noticed my creations and can appreciate them.  Every little bit of encouragement helps me to continue to keep pushing I thank you all for that!


  1. Well deserved! Your card was gruesomely creative :)

  2. was totally gruesome!

  3. Just found your great blog. Your creativity is ispiring and addictive. I enjoyed browsing through all your projects that you've made. You do nice work... Come and visit me sometime. Have a great weekend!


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